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Fighting for Manitobans!

Budget 2023 Outlines Investment Priorities the PC team commits to and will be focused on implementing as a re-elected government.

Summary List of PC Campaign Announcements 

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Fighting for Fort Garry!

As your MLA, I will work towards making Fort Garry the best place to live in Winnipeg!

  • Support community centers and deliver the funding they need to develop, thrive and offer valuable community programs 

  • Ensure that infrastructure funding  goes to Fort Garry for street renewal

  • Working to reduce property crime in Fort Garry with a particular focus along the transit way

  • Cracking down on drag racing on the transit way through the introduction of noise monitors and fines

  • Supporting Arts, Cultural and Sport programs in Fort Garry

  • Caring for greenspace and our tree canopy

  • Hosting resident townhalls at least twice per year to provide a space for you to come and hear updates about Fort Garry and voice your concerns

  • Support small business in Fort Garry

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