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Fighting for Manitobans! Week 3 - Health, Daycare & Recovery
Permanent Healthcare Recruitment Fund

A re-elected PC government will provide a permanent, ongoing $120M recruitment fund for healthcare professionals over the next 4 years. This includes $20M yearly for Winnipeg and $10M yearly for rural Manitoba.

Our PC team put forward a $400M Health Human Resources Action Plan to retain, train and recruit health care professionals this year, that met its goal of adding more than 2000 health care professionals to our healthcare system - that's what a stable,
responsible government delivers.

This adds to our historic Investment of $8.9 billion in healthcare this year alone. Additionally, we are investing in $3 billion in costed, budgeted capital projects that are backed by healthcare leadership already underway across the province.

Expanding Pharmacy Care

A re-elected PC government will expand the primary care services that pharmacists can offer to include treating common conditions such as strep throat, pink eye, minor skin infections, tick bites, sprains and strains, and painful menstrual periods, as well as enhanced management of chronic diseases like
high blood pressure and diabetes

Providing these services closer to your home reduces wait and delays for care along with reducing the staffing burden from our doctors. You will just need your MB health card!

More Daycare Spaces, Sooner

A re-elected PC government will expand on our successful Ready-to-move (RTM) units that are currently being constructed across the province. Our PC team will prioritize 6 new units (Riel, Fort Richmond, Kildonan, Kirkfield Park, Gimli, Selkirk). Each unit will feature 107 childcare spaces. This is in addition to 104 new spaces already announced for Fort Garry.

A re-elected PC government will dramatically expand the fertility tax credit - increasing the total rebate to 50%, and doubling the yearly and lifetime total available to rebate to
$8000 and $16000 respectively.

Our $10 a day daycare was one of the first in the country. We have already funded 12,000 new daycare spaces and provided support to ECE workers with higher wages and more training seats.

Doubling Addictions Treatment Spaces

A re-elected PC government will build on our recovery-oriented care focus, by doubling the number of publicly funded addictions treatment spaces.


In Budget 2023, we successfully funded more than 1600 treatment spaces. This promise will take the number of publicly funded spaces to over 3200.


A re-elected PC government will dramatically increase funding for mental health service organizations, with a 2.5 million top up each year over 4 years. Additionally, we will fund the Canadian Mental Health Association Service Hub, an information and referral service for mental health and addictions supports

Fighting for Recovery

A re-elected PC government will provide $10M in funding towards the construction of a innovative First Nations led treatment facility in downtown Winnipeg, partnering with Quest Health. The Quest Healthy Recovery Centre is a First Nations owned and operated recovery facility for first nations individuals.


It will offer 180 mixed gender beds for treatment, and Quest is partnering with First Nations communities all across the province to serve remote and northern communities who need access to culturally appropriate recovery services.

This builds on our strong record on recovery with a commitment to opening more than 1600 treatment spaces across the province along with 7 RAAM clinics across the province

We are committed to bringing people back to their family and loved ones

Building Stronger Communities

A re-elected PC government is committed to continuing the Arts, Culture, Sports in Community Fund - providing an additional $100M over four years to continue supporting
community organizations, rinks, community and cultural centres, special initiatives and sports fields across the province.

The NDP voted against the ACSC fund, letting it deteriorate for 17 years, but the need is clear. Community groups rely on this funding to build their programs for you!

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